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Thread: Can Russia exert influence to denuclearize North Korea?

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    Jan 2014


    Can Russia exert influence to denuclearize North Korea?

    1. The following are excerpts from Vladimir Soldatkin's December 8, 2017 news report headlined "Russia says ready to exert influence on North Korea: Ifax" at

    (Begin excerpts)
    MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia has communication channels with North Korea open and Moscow is ready to exert its influence on Pyongyang, Interfax news agency quoted Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov as saying on Tuesday.

    "We have channels, through which we are conducting a dialogue, and we are ready to deploy them, we are ready to exert our influence on North Korea," Morgulov was quoted as saying at a conference in Berlin... (End excerpts)

    2. Since the disintegration of the Soviet Union, Russia has been absent for quite sometime from the great power rivalry in Northeast Asia, but now there are strong indications that it is back at its old power game in North Korea.

    If North Korean nuclear missiles could strike the entire continental US as claimed by the North Korean devil incarnate, they could also destroy all major cities in China and Russia including Beijing and Moscow. Hence the high tolerance of the two giant neighbours for the North Korean nuclear missile threat is beyond all comprehension. All the more so, they come running at the bidding of their impoverished North Korean small brother (or rather, Big Brother).

    Russia seems to use North Korea as a pawn or bargaining chip against the US and its allies to lift the economic sanctions as punishment for its annexation of Crimea. If Russia can really force North Korea to fully disarm like Japan and Germany after their unconditional surrender in World War 2, there will be no doubt it can exert its influence to denuclearize the rogue state. In that case, it is worthwhile, though unethical, for the US to recognise Russia's annexation of Crimea and lift all sanctions as carrots for its help to efffectively denuclearize North Korea, just like Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union secretly and illegally divided Eastern Europe into spheres of influence before the start of World War II. Unfortunately, unlike Ukraine, North Korea is no easy meat for Russia. In the end, Russia will discover to its bitterness that it will be outplayed, like China, by North Korea.

    However, unlike China, Russia is clearheaded enough not to have an "intense infatuation" for North Korea. According to a book review entitled Shen, Mao, Stalin and the Korean War: Trilateral Communist Relations in the 1950s, 2012 | US-China Institute

    (Begin excerpts)
    A record of Stalin's conversations with Kim Il Sung in April 1950 quoted by Russian scholars Evgenii Bazhanov and Natalia Bazhanova, but not included in Shen's account, reveals that the Soviet leader explained to his Korean protege that it was now possible to assist him in his military campaign against the South because of the victory of the Chinese Communists and the disinclination of the Americans to intervene in Korea. Nonetheless, Stalin cautioned that they must proceed carefully because the danger of American intervention remained. He thus informed the North Korean leader that if the Korean People's Army needed reinforcements, he would have to turn to China; Soviet troops will not be sent to Korea. (End excerpts)

    Unless North Korea could use its nuclear missiles to regain Alaska for the Russian Empire which sold it to the US for approximately two cents per acre on March 30, 1867, it should not expect its giant neighbour to help it finish its unfinished business of subduing the South under the Kim Dynasty's banner. If there is another Korean War, the Great Bear would be cunning and smart enough to be the rogue regime's spokesman and moral supporter at the most. On the other hand, there is a high probability for the Dragon, with its fossilized memories and notions, to let itself drag to eternal doom by its North Korean small brother (or rather, Big Brother).

    Russia's caution and craftiness in avoiding a war with a powerful foe can be compared to the bolting of the priest's white horse in my political satire posted on August 12, 2014 under the title Hellhound is breaking loose

    (Begin excerpts)
    Narrator: The huge black dog was taken out from the dungeon and chained to the gate of the old man's mountain fortress next day. Meanwhile, the priest was riding a white horse like the wind towards the old man's mountain fortress which was a magnificent castle built on top of a high rock reaching 2000 m above sea level.

    As noon approached, he came in sight of the old man's castle after travelling a long way up the mountain. The white horse came to an abrupt halt with whitened eyes and flicking ears. Its nostrils expanded and quivered as it snorted and blew in the direction of the castle.

    Suddenly it let out a loud neigh, spun around and bolted out in the opposite direction. The priest was caught completely off guard and was thrown to the ground. As he was skilled in gongfu and occultism, he managed to land on his feet with some minor bruises and scratches on his arms.

    Sighing and shaking his head, he lamented: "Now I understand why Ambrose Gwinnett Bierce (American editorialist, journalist, short story writer, fabulist and satirist) said that 'friendship is a ship big enough to carry two in fair weather, but only one in foul'." By this time, the terrified horse had disappeared into the distance. He picked up his bundle of personal belongings and slung it over his right shoulder. After picking up his staff, he was about to continue his journey when he heard a loud hooting sound coming from above. In response, he asked: "Who? Who?" At once, he got the reply: "A friend." Looking up, he saw an owl perching on a branch. (End excerpts)

    Alaska ? 2 Cents per Acre ? History By Zim

    Soviets Confirm Nazi Pacts Dividing Europe -

    North Korea: Missile Can Reach Entire Continental U.S. | Time
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    Jun 2014

    Cleveland, Ohio
    No nation has ever even tried to rid itself of its nuclear arsenal. The mechanical knowledge needed to build a nuke or an ICBM cannot be erased; if a nuclear arsenal was ever (allegedly) eliminated by any mation, it could easily be replaced.

    So no, I don't think Russia is making any serious efforts to force North Korea to disarm.

    I also don't think a close alliance between Russia and NK is very likely. China almost certainly has almost total control over NK, and Russia certainly knows that. I can't see Putin making war of any kind on China anywhere in Asia.

    It's not traditional Russian thinking, to expand into Asia. Russia did not even fight in the Pacific theater during WWII until the very end. It never entered the Vietnam War. Etc. There for sure is no claim to any Asian land the way Russia claimed the Crimea.

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    Bad Policy Good Politics DebateDrone's Avatar
    Jul 2014

    Border Fence
    Russia has no need to push NK to end it's nuclear program. NK is no threat to Russia or any of its allies.

    Russia trades with NK and will not cease to do so for the US' concerns or for any other nation's concerns either.
    Thanks from Madeline

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    Jul 2014

    Can they? Yes.

    Will they? Doubtful.
    Thanks from Madeline

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    Veteran Member Dangermouse's Avatar
    Feb 2010

    Sunny Bournemouth, Dorset
    NK has no reason to denuclearise. From their POV it's all that keeps them safe from US interference.
    Thanks from Madeline

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