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Thread: How Much Will You Pay For Dignity.

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    Aug 2017


    How Much Will You Pay For Dignity.

    That is if your desire for it hasn't been brainwashed out of you. If you are interested in it, send me an email at to arrange a contribution. Why do I ask for this? Because apparently the only way you can say what you want is to pay for it. Those who may not like the truthfulness of what I have to say certainly have the money to keep me from saying what I want.

    Let me give you an example. (Save it now. Because I don't expect it to last long) If there is a group out there who thinks you are less than nothing and is actively seeking your extermination, isn't it right and just to say the same sorts of things about their group? You can bet your ass it is! To do so is the very basis of dignity.

    There is a word for not being allowed to dish back out what you are served. That word is SLAVERY! And there is no such thing as a dignified slave. I will show you some pictures with quotes of members of a group. The vast majority of which are vile backstabbing scum, at best. I could have added many many MANY more. But if you don't get the drift with these, you have probably lost your ability to get the drift. Tell me what you think of them. Pitch a bitch to the mods for the return of your dignity when it is removed.

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    Go shoot yourself. Save the world a lot of trouble.
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    Thread closed pending staff review

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