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Thread: Trump thought only black people were on welfare

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    Quote Originally Posted by boontito View Post
    Yeah, that keeps getting pointed out to him. That the GOP had their choice of Trump or any of the 16 other non-disgusting candidates they ran in the primary and they handpicked him to represent them and what they stand for.
    Sort of. Some of the 16 other candidates were fairly disgusting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Djinn View Post
    Sort of. Some of the 16 other candidates were fairly disgusting.
    Maybe in bits and pieces... not so sure they can measure up in terms of totality though.

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    Did he really say this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnflesh View Post
    Did he really say this?
    Mr. Flesh,

    Let's see, congressional black caucus, all of which hate President Trump, no record or recording, you have to take the aforementioned President Trump hater's word for it....

    You tell me.

    Oh, the OP got the story from RawSewage.
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    I'm tired of all the Trump bashing! President Trump is a wise, generous and brilliant man whose essential goodness is surpassed only by his profound humility. He has the wit of Mark Twain, the hands of a Larry Bird and he's a dead ringer for Robert Redford. He dances like Fred Astaire and he's hung like Secretariat. He graduated summa cum laude from Wharton then went on to lead the NY Yankees to 3 World Series. When his country called he was ready and he served with John Rambo, earning the Congressional Medal of Honor. He returned home to try and make his own way in the world. By day he built thrusting skyscrapers that made Ayn Rand spontaneously orgasm. By night he fought arch criminals for the soul of his city. His book ' The Art of The Deal ' was made into an Oscar, Grammy and Tony award winning musical. ( He was offered a lifetime achievement award Emmy but turned it down because it just wasn't gold enough ) During his many years in the New York construction business he NEVER ever met anybody from the Mafia despite his mentor Roy Cohn being a notorious Mob fixer/consigliere. Despite Don Jnr bragging about the huge influx of Russian money into the family businesses, which the President divested (you saw all the folders people!) he has NOTIHNG to do with Russia and would barely recognize Putin in a line-up...He dearly loves his highly educated supermodel wife and has NEVER had lustful thoughts about his daughter Ivanka. His 3 Atlantic City casinos make a fortune and he's a committed Christian philanthropist. He bestrides the world like a Colossus. The Pope offered him a sainthood. In the 2016 Trumpslide he won by 30 million votes despite Obama bussing 3 million Kenyans into New Hampshire to vote illegally ALL 30 milllion attended the inauguration. When they hungered he divided a few loaves and fishes and fed the multitudes. From the office of KellyAnne Conway , Miss Universe 1996

    This was stolen from Mother Jones. It's just too funny not to post.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pureinheart View Post
    Last I noticed the 'rich', the 'middle class', the 'poor' are all pretty diverse, so all of the accusations of racism are ridiculous and only meant to entice hate. Now that we've straightened out the fact that all races and cultures take part in the 'class' thing... if a society leaves out the middle class, the class which pretty much pays the bills for the poor (the rich pay a significant portion also), then what you have is super rich (which liberals/dems/progressives/left hate [funny, there's a lot of rich liberals so go figure]) and the very poor--- known as Socialism aka Communism.
    Oh, you're one of those that doesn't know the difference between socialism and communism.
    You should up your game.
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