Recently, there was a press talk in Russian media, with Alisa Voks

Voks (a pseudonym, her real surname is Kondratieva) has performed with the iconic rock band "Leningrad" since 2012

She quit about a year and half ago.

Leningrad, and their leader, Sergey Shnurov, are well known for their highly profane lyrics, and wild on stage antics, and Alisa was gladly a part of all that, even stripping down to her panties at one performance, and flashing her breasts to the hole crowd

That too has long been a part of the image of "Leningrad": a beautiful, scantily clad female vocalist.

Shnurov himself is what I would call a sexually loose man.

He seems to be very passionate about his wife, Elena, who also goes by Mathilda

but she is his THIRD wife, by age of will be 45, as of April 13th; he has daughter Serafima and son Apollon from previous wives, who are clearly growing up upstanding citizens, just like him


In early 2000s, he was allegedly involved with actress Oksana Akinshina, who, when their "relationship" began would be only 15, while he was already hitting 30

And his... appetites in that regard may very well extend to the women in his band.

Alisa said in the interview she was constantly pressured to sleep with Shnurov. Once, they were at a hotel together, on a countrywide tour, and he flat out told her to come up to his room, wearing black lace underwear, which he likes. She claims she refused all his advances, and that is why, she believes, she was eventually kicked out of the band.

"I did not need that. I was actually a strong singer in my own right. Not like other girls he was used to, who could not put together a couple notes, but are glad to spread their legs for him to make up for it..."

hahaha Ouch...

That may be a shot at Yulia Kogan, who was with Leningrad before Alisa

as well as Vasilisa Starshova, who replaced her as the female lead; and even the strangely named Florida Chanturia (why a girl from Georgia, country, would be named after a US state, I have no idea lol), the other female vocalist in the band now

Starshova, for one, has already fired back, calling Alisa herself a talentless slut, basically... Huge cat fight over there now...

I mean, it is obvious to me that Shnurov, who has the sole input about hiring new people into the band, chooses these women much less for their talent than... other qualities, shall we say


Is it possible they all have to sleep with him? Yes. Will plenty of them go for it? For the chance to perform with one of the biggest and most famous bands in the country, for a young aspiring songstress? HELL yes...

What does Elena, aka Mathilda, think of all this? God knows. It is a complex issue over there, the infidelity of men. Women have various schools of thought on it. Some, obviously, are enraged by it. Others, though, see it as part of men's nature, and that a woman should let her man go out and play if he wants it, its fine, as long as he always comes right back to her in the end. Some even blame themselves, that if a husband is sleeping with other women, it is because the wife herself failed somehow to satisfy him, in bed or otherwise...

My personal opinion is that even a famous rock star should not be allowed to just turn his band into a personal harem for his enjoyment. But, that's me though...