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There is no need to be a dick, as this story is stupid and I'm not taking it seriously, so calm down, Petal. One doesn't need to 'know the secrets of the universe' or any other straw man shit to know that this story is absurd. Just because an author writes a sci-fi novel doesn't necessarily mean what he writes about is plausible.

I'm all for space exploration and it's about time the commercial aspect was ignored and we actually concentrated on exploration.

Do you believe that humans can attain light speed without the cabin being isolated from the effects just because it happens on Star Trek? Is it even plausible just because it's on Star Trek?
Because we haven't figured it out yet does not mean that it can't be done.

There have been many things throughout history that were implausible yet somehow we managed to do them.

Have you ever seen comic books from the 40's and 50's with all their implausible stuff in them. Parents would tell their kids that its just make believe and not possible yet here we are doing many things that were written about in those very books.

What's truly sad is that you think humans have now reached the Apex of knowledge, there is nothing more for us to ever learn.

We have figured out everything that's plausible.