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Ok so then what? There are no do overs in that sense. By the time any investigations are done, it will be years. Things just cant be undone, imagine all the laws, policies and such over the time. Plus I do think if/when positive proof comes down, people will be angry and hopeless and it will set back elections. I mean if it could be done once, who is to say it couldn't be done again? Trust will be completely gone.
An investigation should proceed, so "the people" know if anything untoward has gone on. Knowing that a "redo" is unlikely, is just the motivating factor needed for those that would unduly influence elections. Frankly, I was surprised there was not more of a public uprising about the 2000 Presidential election and I have always wondered if the lack of an real protest about that election was the motivation for another go at the same sort of thing in 2016.

Hire a 1000 or 2000 paid shills and create all sorts of blogs and "news" sites posing as disgruntled HRC supporters or leftists abandoning both Clinton and Sanders and you might convince enough Democratic voters to stay at home or be disgruntled too. Trump, like Bush, didn't need a landslide, just what was needed to "win" even if losing the popular vote.