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Thread: Las Vegas massacre and Stephen Paddock

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    Jan 2016

    Quote Originally Posted by Blues63 View Post
    Now I recognise you from another site! You always post the same kind of thing with really tenuous connections that make no sense at all.
    I am thinking that I may have been premature in handing out the Looniest Conspiracy Theory of the Week Award............
    Thanks from Blues63

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    Apr 2018

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    1020. Mass slaughter is a method to distract (5/14/2018)

    I had alleged the Feds plotted a murder case on 8/3/2017 or so. A news later proves I'm very correct.

    "974. Prepare for a gas leaking (8/9/2017)

    On 8/3, a P.G.& E engineer truck drove in my lane. A worker changed the gas meter of my house ....... Three months ago P.G.& E had a commercial in TV Chinese channel to apologize for deaths caused by gas leaking explosion six years ago. Now they are in action. It can be an explosion murder or an unreasonable search in the name of gas leaking. "

    "976. Sessions and garage door (8/21/2017)

    On Aug. 3, a "Fed Express" cart roared into the lane, not for delivery, but turned around to drive out.
    Then came the PG&E engineer pick up to replace the gas meter of my house.

    I think they have two plans: 1. To create a gas leaking. 2. To damage newly installed garage door to force a replacement. I believe so because two days later, a US Mail cart rushed into the lane too. Both cars rushed in with high speed that caused large noise. That was not the way to move in small lane. As for why changed a mail car later? The "Fed Express" cart is too big and long, not easy to aim the target in a lane. The mail car is smaller and easy to carry out the impact mission."

    I also said something would happen on my wife's tour 10/2 to 10/18. That "something" was later found "LasVegas mass slaughter". It took place two hours before my wife's leaving. Shooting started on 22:10 Oct/1. My wife's flight took off on 0:55 Oct/2.

    "983.Earthquake, hurricane and defense budget (9/25/2017)

    The framed case is going on. My wife said she'll go another trip to Europe from 10/2 to 10/18. So something will happen at that time. ......"

    "985. Las Vegas shooting is a false flag (10/8/2017)

    Las Vegas mass slaughtering was a distraction case done by the Feds(FBI and DEA).

    I am the murder target of the Feds(FBI and DEA). ......."

    Here is the news proves my allegation is very correct. Stephen Paddock had prepared a mass shooting case for 8/3 too.


    booked one room at the Blackstone Hotel in Chicago, shich he was due to check into on August 1, and he booked a second room for check in on August 3, alaw enforcement official told USA Today.

    Both rooms had a checkout date of August 6. The Lollapalooza music festival ran August 2-5 and takes place in Grant Park.

    Las Vegas Gunman Stephen Paddock Booked Hotel Rooms Overlooking Chicago Lollapalooza Festival: Reports

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    Dec 2014

    ...and he's back to bomb the thread with tenuous connections.

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    May 2018

    Cleveland, OH
    I agree. Nothing in that sequence of events suggests any link to the shooting. The shooting, however, is a false flag, and yes, the FBI does appear to be behind it.

    Paddock's father was an FBI most wanted guy. That's a tie to the FBI. And for the record, no one is 'wanted' by the FBI. They know where everyone is at all times. They could track anyone down easily. 'Wanted by the FBI' is code for 'this guy's a high level criminal that we're probably using as an informant.' Whitey Bulgar was probably on the FBI's most wanted list for crying out loud...

    They had the other Paddock looking at kiddie porn -- another sign that the FBI has their stakes in someone, was using them as an informant, and kept 'em career criminal just so they could send 'em down when they wanted while extracting labor and services through an informant arrangement.

    Same goes for Stephen Paddock -- a likely informant that somehow works for the government despite being from a criminal family? The reason there is no information on motive is 'cause the FBI's hiding something. Plain and simple. And Mary Lou Dannely? She said her fingerprints (I believe) would be on the ammunition for Paddocks guns, claiming she helped him load them. This Marilou Dannely was an informant accomplice.

    If you notice, a lot of these shooters are in domestic violence situations, (e.g., Esteban Santiago) with women. That's part of the inducement strategy. The police throw a female gang stalker on them to harass them into a domestic violence situation. The guy flips, they get brought in, get the psych referral, then go postal shortly after. That's 'cause they're being set up with snitches. These women are gang stalker enablers intended to set the guy off, provoke him, and try to get the guy busted. They gang stalk em, slap em with a psych referral, falsely diagnosis their stalking victimization as 'paranoid schizophrenia' then they get so pissed off by the injustice they go postal. It's the same old MO every time.
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