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Thread: KC Royals clubhouse hit by chickenpox

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    KC Royals clubhouse hit by chickenpox

    A chickenpox outbreak struck the Kansas City Royals clubhouse over the weekend, infecting All-Star reliever Kelvin Herrera and starting right fielder Alex Rios. The team has scrambled to ensure its other players are inoculated against the disease, which is expected to sideline the affected players for two weeks.

    "The news, first reported by The Kansas City Star and confirmed by Yahoo Sports, is not expected to severely distress the Royals, whose 13-game lead in the American League Central is twice as large as any in baseball. Still, the club asked players to contact family members and inquire about their immunization status and whether they contracted the disease as a child, according to the Star."

    "Chickenpox is a highly contagious disease, and a vaccination did not exist in the United States until 1995. Vaccination in Latin American countries is irregular, and Rios, who grew up in Puerto Rico, and Herrera, who was born and raised in the Dominican Republic, were not vaccinated."

    "There is no standard vaccination protocol across baseball, officials from other teams told Yahoo Sports. One general manager said his team doctor has made it a priority to vaccinate young Latin American players during spring training in recent years."

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