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Thread: About That Starrbucks Cup...It Ain't the Cup...

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    Sep 2012


    About That Starbucks Cup...It Ain't the Cup...

    Here's the asshole behind the video...

    Simply Red: The Con-Man Behind the Rightwing's Starbucks Cup Freak-Out
    When I read that the latest persecution of the rightwing Christian involved Starbucks changing their cups to red for the holiday season, I thought that the War on Christmas had officially hit rock bottom.

    The MSM jumped all over the story about a video from a "pastor" saying the red cups Starbucks is using for the holiday season aren't Christmas enough and that Starbucks literally "hates Jesus". Video goes viral and rightwing is outraged. This whole thing is beyond stupid, even for them.

    Are you guys REALLY upset over the color of a cardboard cup? If the color red upsets you so much, wouldn't you logically be more upset with every other franchise out there that isn't even bothering to change their damn cup color for the holidays? Ya know, because it’s freaking expensive and stupid!? Besides, all of the past Starbucks holiday cup designs have been pretty darn secular—so why are you pissed now?

    It wasn’t until I finally read one of the articles that I came across the name of the man who spawned this latest freak-out: Joshua Feuerstein. In none of the countless articles does the MSM bother to discuss who this clown is. So allow me:
    As despicable as this guy was, I took him at his word that he was just a preacher with an obvious persecution complex. However, I have since learned that Feuerstein is much worse than that: he's a con artist.

    First off, he is an entitled brat who according to this video apparently lives quite well sponging off of his mega-rich parents. Yet he is not above e-begging his duped followers to raise money for a $20,000 camera that he claimed he absolutely had to have to make YouTube videos. His followers, unable to think of anything better to donate to, gladly gave him the money and Joshua utterly ****** thanked them. Yet his videos since he has raised the funds, from the bakery harassment video to his latest red cup diatribe, seem to have been shot on a cellphone. People rightfully asked where the camera was that he promised to buy. He was even confronted directly and admitted he didn't buy it after all. Meanwhile, his social media is filled with pictures of outrageously expensive shoes, jewlery and watches. I mean VERY Expensive Watches.
    SemDem: HELP! Longwood Bakery Getting Death Threats for Refusing to Make Anti-Gay Cake!
    Cut the Cake is a longstanding business in the Longwood community outside Orlando run by the ultra-polite Sharon Haller.

    Joshua Feuerstein is a disgusting bigot (who should not be trying to rock a fauxhawk) and a former televangelist whose favorite part of the Bible is apparently where Jesus preaches against gay wedding cakes.

    What follows is despicable:

    Joshua made a hateful Youtube video. Essentially, he taped himself making a call to Haller's bakery so we can "see what discrimination REALLY is".

    He asked if she would make a cake with a hateful message on it against equality in marriage. Haller told the Orlando Sentinel that she thought it was an April Fool's Day prank, said no and hung up.

    Joshua's nasty followers decided that in some-FREAKING-way this meant THEY were being "discriminated" against. Joshua not only posted their information but demanded his followers do what Jesus would apparently do: harass the living daylights out of the poor baker. They did. In fact, they left 100s of threatening messages because somehow THEY were "under attack".

    Let this sink in for a minute. A bakery that DID NOT put a bigoted message on a cake is accused of discrimination against the bigots. It's mad-hatter logic. It's like the Klan accusing blacks of discrimination for not letting them burn a cross in your yard.

    Joshua's call was not only horrible, but illegal as well. In Florida, you cannot record a phone conversation without consent from the other party. It is a third-degree felony punishable by up to five years in prison. The FBI is now also involved because she has received death threats.
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    Nov 2014

    A real classy act, I see. *kaff*
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    Nov 2014

    I think he has too much time on his hands

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    Oct 2010

    A fine human being. I can see why he's so popular with the "pro-Christmas" crowd.

    Josh Feuerstein posts, then deletes, bizarre video slamming Christians for drinking ‘abortion coffee’

    Viral Internet Christian sensation Josh Feuerstein may have outdone himself. How can we know this? Because a recent video he uploaded was so bizarre, he apparently had second thoughts and deleted it – but not before someone ripped it and shared it around Facebook.

    Feuerstein’s crusade against Starbuck’s plain red cups has received its fair amount of backlash from secular and religious folks alike. A tide seems to be turning against the “War on Christmas” hysteria that’s gripped the narrative of so many right wing media outlets, so one can only guess Feuerstein’s motives behind the post. Maybe it was an attempt to whip the faithful into a new frenzy, considering that the red cup outrage fell somewhat flat. Either way, he deleted for a reason.

    The video focuses on Starbuck’s open support of Planned Parenthood, a fact much-ballyhooed in the pro-life media chatter circles.

    “Hey America. While I have your attention and you’re sitting there defending Starbucks while sipping coffee from your Christmas-less red cups, let me explain to you why Starbucks coffee is so bitter – and why it’s overpriced,” Feuerstein started out. “That bitter taste? Well, it’s a tiny tasteful touch of…abortion.”

    According to Feuerstein, Starbucks charges more because they must fund the genocide of innocent children.

    Slamming Christians who dare to defend the Christmas-loathing coffee chain, Feuerstein reminded his viewers that Starbucks “stands directly against pretty much everything that Jesus stood for.”

    “But then again, Christians today aren’t worried about pleasing Jesus. They’re worried about being politically correct,” he added.

    It takes a special brand of narcissism, demagoguery, and religious bullying to condemn members of your own sect for not seeing evil in red paper cups. Whoever advised Feuerstein to remove this latest evidence of his obtuse stupidity spoke up a little too late.
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    Dec 2010

    Sometimes I get cranky
    Love this bit;

    To be sure, there is a very real threat to Christianity. Yet it is not atheists, homosexuals, Muslims, or even red paper cups that threaten Christianity.

    It is shysters.

    People with no soul who prey on Christian followers and rob them financially and spiritually not only hurt their flock, but give all religion a bad name by making it unpalatable for so many who see things like this and equate those seeking strength through faith as paranoid and stupid.

    Want to know why religion is on the decline, Joshua? Look in the mirror. No man of faith would ever want to face the afterlife after scamming susceptible followers in Jesus’ name. I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be in your shoes, and not just because they are so damn ugly.
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    Banned Camp
    Aug 2012

    I don't know a single Christian or Conservative who has any problem with Starbuck's cups.

    I "boycott" Starbuck's because there is not a store close to me. When I go to the mall, I will, on occassion, suspend my boycott for a vente of latte or a capp.....

    (They are better than McDonalds and Dunkin Donuts, even though DD's straight coffee is pretty damned good!)

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    Banned Camp
    Aug 2012

    It is funny how people find (or create) the strangest things to get upset about.
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