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Thread: Transgender women suffer spate of murders

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    Transgender women suffer spate of murders

    all across the world the numbers of Transgender people murdered keeps growing..

    Argentina: Transgender women suffer spate of murders as country introduces laws recognising LGBT rights

    Murders part of a backlash against new laws in Argentina recognising the rights of the LGBT community

    David Usborne Buenos Aires

    Equality legislation, passed in the National Congress building in Buenos Aires, represents a triumph for Pride activists, but old prejudices die hard, particularly given a culture of machismo in the country AP

    Under Ms Fernandez, who will shortly leave office, Argentina has made stunning strides enshrining rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals, including the passage of a gay marriage law. Yet the LGBT community today is suddenly reeling not from any unexpected legal or political setbacks, but from violence.

    The murders have come in a macabre string of three, all since the start of September. Marcela Chocobar and Coty Olmos, both activists who had transitioned from being men, were killed in the provinces of Santa Fe and Santa Cruz respectively. Then, the body of Diana Sacayan was found in her flat here in Buenos Aires. She had been tied to her bed and stabbed repeatedly, police sources said.

    The killing of Ms Sacayan seemed like the last straw. A leading political agitator for the community and a journalist, she had travelled the globe specifically to highlight the high rates of violence towards trans women in Latin America. She also received her new ID card in 2012 in person from Ms Fernandez. She and Mr Soria were at the ceremony in the Casa Rosada, the presidential palace, together.

    The day after her death, a small group marched outside Congress to demand justice. And Ms Fernandez spoke out. “In homage to a woman, Diana Sacayan, who was the first to whom I presented her new ID, I ask the national security services and the metropolitan police to solve this horrible crime,” she said.

    so much more to read and comment upon: Argentina: Transgender women suffer spate of murders as country introduces laws recognising LGBT rights | Americas | News | The Independent

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    Well, that's one way of having to respect any rights they deserve. Kill 'em! I sure some members here would be aaalllll over that idea.

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    Border Fence
    Terrorism exists in many forms. From many beliefs.

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