My God...

I can get trade war, propaganda/"information" war, as well as actual real war.

But this shit is getting stupid.

Russia closed the Ukrainian Library in Moscow: Moscow's Ukrainian Literature Library to Shut Down | News | The Moscow Times

This after its director was arrested for "extremism" earlier: Russia detains director of Ukrainian library in Moscow - BBC News

Ukraine, in turn, renames the "Soviet" brand of champagne: Ukraine renames 'Sovetskoye Shampanskoye' under de-communization law

And now, a children's theatre shut down in Crimea, only one that performed in Ukrainian, supposedly for a girl wearing a costume in a play that resembled the Statue of Liberty ("American propaganda"): Crimean children?s theatre to close after alleged harassment | News ?*The Calvert Journal

And, of course, I distinctly remember in recent months Ukrainian nationalists dragging down Soviet monuments and pounding them to pieces, especially Lenin statues

and the burning of books by Lenin and Stalin and such in Kiev

and, on the other side, kids in Crimea throwing out boxes of Ukrainian history and other Ukrainian language books from their school libraries and pouring gasoline on them

for a healthy bonfire

Is this kind of shit really necessary, making, teaching youth to hate each other?! Honestly? What the fuck...