Chuck Todd: ?I Think One Guy that Can Stop Trump Is Cruz? - Breitbart

Naturally, as we all know, the quickest way to get a Rightwinger to believe or DO the OPPOSITE of for somebody in the "Lib'rul Media" to say it is or could happen.

Rachel Maddow could go on the air and say "Eating rat poison is bad for you" and you can almost imagine the looney Right saying "I'll show her" and gobbling up handfuls of D-Con pellets.

So here's Todd saying "The one guy who can beat Trump is Cruz".....and, in their typical knee-jerk fashion, the Trumpsters start saying "Bullshit" and better (for Trump) "See? See? The Lib'rul Media is rooting for Cruz because they know Hillary can beat Cruz!"

(read the comments on the article by the Breitbart Trump Cultists)

Probably Chuck is just making an honest assessment....Cruz likely IS the only one now who can beat Trump for the GOP Nomination.

But the REACTION from the Trumpsters....shows how those guys can be easily manipulated.

((Usual Suspects? Please start your attempts at subject changing. Thanks in advance. ))