This is beyond a smoking gun, that is the actual crime in action.

Read the email chain below from the bottom first working your way up.

That email chain was from the most recent data dump. I can see why she was trying to destroy all these emails.

This email chain does a few things.

(1) Destroys her claim to be ignorant of marking issues, as well as strongly suggests that the other thousand-plus instances where this did occur likely came under her direction.

(2) Destroys her claim to not want to have multiple email addresses. Notice the chain, she used "hrod17", and "HDR22".

By the way, even though she lied about being ignorant to marking issues, that is no defense for doing it and breaking the law. That was always a bad argument.

She is caught red handed her. Do you Liberals still excuse it? It's only National Security.

[UPDATE: The above email chain was deemed significant by the FBI to the point that they expanded their investigation.]