Charity watchdog calls Trump foundation 'unfocused,' Clinton's 'transparent'

Donald Trump's and Hillary Clinton's non-profit foundations reflect the presidential challengers' publicly perceived styles "improvisational" versus "systematized" a new analysis by a charity watchdog concludes.

The Donald J. Trump Foundation and the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation are both "celebrity" organizations, "seeded by money donated by their founders and also serve as a vehicle for members of the public to demonstrate their support of a prominent person," according to the review issued Wednesday by Jacob Harold, CEO of Guidestar, a leading nonprofit watchdog.

But the similarities end there.

Clinton's foundation is larger, with data from Dec. 31, 2014, showing assets of $354 million compared with $1 million for Trump's non-profit, the analysis said. Additionally, Clinton family tax returns suggest that their foundation accounts for the majority of their charitable giving, the analysis concluded.

Trump has not released his tax returns, so "it is difficult to know the scale of his charitable activities outside the Trump Foundation," the analysis said. The last donation to the foundation by Trump or any of the other trustees was in 2008, the organization's tax returns show. The review also cited Washington Post reports that were unable to validate that Trump actually donated the money he pledged to charities.
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