It’s hard to come up with a realistic scenario that ends with Paul Ryan (R-WI) as speaker of the House of Representatives in the next Congress.

Ryan’s hold on the speakership very tenuous.

Say, for example, that Republicans do about as is currently expected and lose 10 to 15 seats. This will have happened on Ryan’s watch, and returning members tend to blame the party’s leader in the House — i.e. the speaker — for the loss (See Gingrich, Newt; 1998. Note: only 5 GOP seats were lost in the election that forced Gingrich out of office).

The reduced majority will make the House Freedom Caucus – which for some time has been threatening to challenge Ryan — a larger slice of what will now be a smaller GOP caucus pie. To get reelected, Ryan might need virtually the entire HFC to vote for him and the steep price of its support is likely to be more than he is willing to pay.

But the biggest question of all might well be whether Ryan wants to be speaker under any circumstances. When he agreed to succeed former speaker John Boehner (R-OH), the media reported that Ryan was doing so reluctantly and had to be convinced that all of the factions of the House GOP caucus were willing to accept him in that role. If he’s no longer sure of that across-the-board acceptance, if he’s blamed for the smaller Republican House majority or its new minority or if he thinks he won’t be able to do anything constructive in the next Congress, Ryan might well decide to do what Boehner did and leave the speakership behind to focus on other things…like the 2020 presidential campaign.

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Who would replace him this time with the GOPers /DOPers split? They had such issues getting ryan elected. Is there a process to hire a temp? Really, This could just go to an open floor vote for both-sides.

Constitution does not require the Speaker to be a Member of the House.
Any prediction, seems holding the house brings more damage the these GOPers /DOPers.
Which would make 2018 even better. So I'm for them to hold the reduce seats by the GOPers /DOPers.

I nominate Louie Gohmert, he can destroy the GOP remains.

Earlier this year, former Secretary of State Colin Powell received a vote for speaker, as did Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky.
You just have to be nominated, no House seat required.
All candidates for speaker must be nominated by members of the House, but they don’t need to be elected lawmakers of the House. Article I, section II of the Constitution says only that the House “shall chose their Speaker and other officers.” So far, the chamber has only chosen its own members as speaker, but a non-lawmaker is possible. Earlier this year, former Secretary of State Colin Powell received a vote for speaker, as did Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky.