We may need a new definition of “chutzpah.”

Donald Trump targeted Federal Judge Gonzalo P. Curiel in an an extended series of bigoted rants this summer, asserting that Curiel couldn’t rule fairly in cases alleging fraud by Trump University because of the Judge’s Mexican heritage. “I’m building a wall,” Trump explained at one point to CNN’s Jake Tapper.

Now that the case is heading toward trial, Trump is asking the same judge to exclude those comments from evidence in the case. In a motion filed Thursday in San Diego federal, his attorneys maintain that his own comments are “extraneous” and would be “irrelevant, and prejudicial.” Remarkably, they say that the plaintiffs in the case, who include students claiming they were ripped off by the so-called “university,” will use those statements “in an attempt to inflame and prejudice the jury.” Judge Curiel has set a hearing on the motion for Nov. 10, two days after election day. Trial is set to begin Nov. 28.

Trump asks to exclude his comments about the Trump University judge from the Trump University trial - LA Times

Why is the loudmouthed racist bigot and his lawyers suddenly afraid of the words that come out of his mouth?