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Thread: Wrongful termination suit filed against ESPN's braindead SJWs

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    Wrongful termination suit filed against ESPN's braindead SJWs

    "Doug Adler, who began working for ESPN in 2008 covering the world’s biggest tennis matches, came under fire for a comment on Jan. 18 when he said Williams used “the guerrilla effect.” The comment went viral because it was pushed along by the New York Times on twitter labeling it as the “appalling” term “gorilla,” which “ignited the flames of anger and hatred” against Adler, the lawsuit said.
    Adler was fired two days later.

    He claims he was using a well-known term to describe aggressive play yet ESPN has destroyed his career.

    “By the way ESPN chose to handle this non-issue, they effectively branded me, my character and my reputation for the rest of my life,” Adler told

    ESPN sued for wrongful termination by announcer after Venus Williams match call | Fox News
    I hope the jury is not niggardly with their judgement amount.
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    There's employment at will, ESPN can fire someone for no reason at all. I don't know how he can win this one. I don't think what he's claiming ESPN did constitutes wrongful termination. Maybe if he can prove this (from your source):

    Adler claims that ESPN and its executives knew that he used the word “guerilla” and not “gorilla,” but fired him anyway. He had finished work without a word from his managers following the incident and returned the next day.

    Being terminated for any of the items listed below may constitute wrongful termination:

    Discrimination: The employer cannot terminate employment because the employee is a certain race, nationality, religion, sex, age, or (in some jurisdictions) sexual orientation.
    Retaliation: An employer cannot fire an employee because the employee filed a claim of discrimination or is participating in an investigation for discrimination. In the US, this "retaliation" is forbidden under civil rights law.
    Employee's refusal to commit an illegal act: An employer is not permitted to fire an employee because the employee refuses to commit an act that is illegal.
    Employer is not following own termination procedures: Often, the employee handbook or company policy outlines a procedure that must be followed before an employee is terminated. If the employer fires an employee without following this procedure, the employee may have a claim for wrongful termination.
    ESPN has really fallen off the rails. They've peppered their broadcasts with liberals propaganda, and they're hurting because of it. People don't want to think about politics when they're watching sports, just the opposite. And them pushing an obvious agenda has alienated millions of consumers. Right now, they are now a part of the mileral MSM. It's pissy.
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