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Thread: Ivanka Trump gets West Wing office

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    Quote Originally Posted by Madeline View Post
    WTF is anyone without a top secret clearance getting classified information? Isn't supplying it to her a crime?
    If you get top security clearance you are breaking no laws in getting that information. The fact is however why is his daughter and his son in law allowed to hold this kind of influence and obtain the information in the first place? Does a salary really make that much of a difference in terms of what power you have in the WH or West Wing?

    It's not the salary that makes the person influential but rather the amount of face time he or she gets with the President and the amount of weight the president puts behind their advice.With all the information available to them, Trump is likely to take their advice right or wrong as he has shown no ability to tell the difference between what is good advice or bad advice. However considering that this nut bag, Trump, is unable to distinguish intelligence information and just plane rumors that he is getting from people that are 9/11 truthers (Napolitano at Fox) and Brietbart News (they frequently print nutty articles with titles — like “Birth Control Makes Women Unattractive and Crazy,") says a lot about his level of competence (fail).

    This should scare the shit out of you that Trump has zero ability to tell the difference between bad advice and good advice and truth and lies and rumors.

    His family is probably well aware of it and it would not surprise me that this man has been diagnosed with some degenerating mental problem. If they are trying to keep him from making major mistakes and a major ass out of himself, they are failing miserably.
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