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Thread: US Prepares To Arrest Julian Assange

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    Quote Originally Posted by bajisima View Post
    "But if the US Department of Justice prosecutes Assange, as it reportedly may soon, he could become something else: the first journalist in modern history to be criminally charged by American courts for publishing classified information. WikiLeaks may not look like a traditional journalism outlet, but it shares the same ends—publishing true information from its sources. And that means legal action against Assange could threaten the freedom of the press as a whole."
    One point, Assange isn't an America citizen and the information was not received in the US or published in the US. I am not sure he would have the protection under freedom of the press.

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    How can Ecuador harbor someone like that who is wanted in the U.S.A.? One would think they'd have better sense than that. The U.S. should stop sending money to Ecuador ASAP. In fact, we should demand that they do!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eve1 View Post
    One point, Assange isn't an America citizen and the information was not received in the US or published in the US. I am not sure he would have the protection under freedom of the press.
    I don't see why not. The first amendment is a restriction on the government, not a freedom given to citizens. Granted, I doubt they will bring any charges around publishing anything, since then they would have to charge the New York Times and the Guardian too, and despite what the president says, that will never happen. My guess is they want to charge him with abetting someone to commit a crime. Still seems a bit flimsy since it could be argued that any organization which is willing to publish classified documents is by its very existence encouraging people to release information they are forbidden to release.

    Perhaps if Julian Assange contacted Manning first and pursuaded her to release the documents...maybe. Seems kind of unlikely that this is the way it unfolded. Manning sought out Assange, and had he not agreed, she would have likely gone somewhere else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StanStill View Post
    I tend to agree. There is a clear case against Chelsea Manning and even Edward Snowden, since they were sworn not to share classified information with anyone without the clearance to receive it. Even though Snowden's revelations lead congress to reform and restrict the government's ability to collect data on US citizens, and I think we are all better off having learned about those programs and in my opinion had a right to know about them, the cases against them are pretty clear cut. Like it or not, Assange is a journalist. He publishes things that people bring him. Even if he asked them to bring them to him, I don't see the crime in that.

    The idea that the US government has the right to punish someone for publishing things that are true, but which the government doesn't want revealed is a bridge too far for me. If the government wanted the stuff kept secret, they should have done a better job protecting it. Going after people for publishing the truth is a bad idea. The cat doesn't go back into the bag.
    Assange is a scoundrel and a danger, but dangerous scoundrels get 1st amendment protections just like everyone else.
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