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Thread: Trump Administration Uses Fake CENTCOM Spokesperson to Speak to Press

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spookycolt View Post
    So should we sell our stuff and go hide in Alaska or something?

    Are bombs about to fall?

    Are nations canceling trade deals over this?

    It's only a big fucking deal to the guy who screwed up and you liberals, nobody else really cares.

    And you will forget about this as soon as the next biggest fuck up happens which will probably be tomorrow given the rate you folks post at.
    You just vomited up a nice word salad. Are you sure you're in the right thread?

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    Jul 2015

    Quote Originally Posted by TennesseeRain View Post
    Yeah, I'm pretty sure impersonating a Pentagon Official is not normally filed under "whoopdeedoo." In fact, to quote Joe Biden, "this is a big fucking deal."
    So SPOOKY doesn't get pissed, I'll say it this way---this is 'scary'! Either you a have total novice making the remarks or a 'partisan' hack making the remarks or a FRAUDULENT person making the remarks--IT IS NOT GOOD!
    Thanks from the watchman

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