These are the folks that have to do the work, write the bills, make Trumpian demands HAPPEN. Except they couldn't (or wouldn't) and they're saying so out loud. I'm highlighting their 'quotes'.

How many ways can we say EGOMANIAC??

GOP insiders slam Trump’s desperate, ‘totally insane’ last-minute push for 100-days accomplishment

29 APR 2017 AT 17:41 ET

Pres. Donald Trump interviewed by Tucker Carlson (Screen capture)

President Donald Trump’s last-minute push to rack up some achievements to show for his first 100 days in office sent some of his closest aides reeling and further , said Politico on Saturday.

“The last-minute moves have frustrated some of Trump’s allies, caused a scramble across his government and proved once again that decisions are made by one man on his whims — and often with an eye to his media coverage,” wrote Josh Dawsey, Tara Palmeri and Ben White.

Trump’s vague, hastily-written tax plan and his doomed push for a second “Trumpcare” vote this week were both poorly-planned, desperate attempts, insiders say, to have something to boast about in addition to the appointment of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch.

Eight days ago, when Trump announced that his tax plan was nearly complete, no one was more surprised than chief economic adviser Gary Cohn.

“Not a single word of a plan was on paper, several administration officials said, and Treasury officials worked all weekend to draft a one-page summary of his principles with a news conference the president demanding the action,” Politico reported.

“This was all about doing something in the first 100 days and really it’s doing the process backwards,” said one unnamed official.

Trump’s call for a second healthcare reform vote in the House of Representatives came as a total surprise to Congress. Speaker of the House Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) was traveling in Europe when the news broke. Neither he nor the leaders of key Congressional committees had any warning that the White House would be mounting the initiative this week.

“It was totally insane,” one senior GOP aide told Politico. “It made no sense. There was no reason to say a vote was happening this week.”