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Thread: TRUMPS shadowy financiers, money laundering in Trump Tower, Russia & MORE

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    TRUMPS shadowy financiers, money laundering in Trump Tower, Russia & MORE

    Remember 2 names from this, BAYROCK and SATER (alias SATTER). You'll likely hear them again.

    (I'll mention here, the author of this article was sued by Trump for libel or slander or whatever over a book he wrote about Trump some years back---guess who won?)

    This is very long and detailed but you'll get the gist. When you read it remember that MUELLER just hired the "mob" prosecutor, a NY district RUSSIAN one, to his team. The prosecutor who brought down one of Trump's 'acquaintances'. (When I posted that a couple weeks ago, I thought it was 'the' mob--of course he could have hired both kinds)

    Trump claims just another 'casual' acquaintance' with a con man, "nasty", and apparently dangerous character (this one broke a glass in a bar, cut a guy's face requiring 110 stitches to hold his face together and did JAIL time) who worked with Trump extensively and even carried Trump Organization business cards with him for years. A casual acquaintance who took 2 of the Trump kids to Russia with him to get funding for their projects.

    This article also fleshes out a lot of detail of a money laundering operation I posted about 2 months ago that was conducted from Trump Tower--2 floors below Trump's own penthouse.

    Get the popcorn out people!

    Trump, Russia and a Shadowy Business Partnership

    An insider describes the Bayrock Group, its links to the Trump family and its mysterious access to funds. It isn't pretty.

    By Timothy L. O'Brien - Bloomberg

    June 21, 2017, 4:00 AM EDT

    Trump, Arif and Sater, at right, Trump Soho launch party, 2007
    Photographer: Mark Von Holden/WireImage

    The special counsel’s investigation of the White House has come more sharply into focus.

    Robert Mueller is examining whether President Donald Trump obstructed justice when he fired James Comey as director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Washington Post recently reported. As we've heard for months now, there is also a probe of possible collusion between Trump's campaign team and the Kremlin to tilt the 2016 election in the president's favor.

    But the Justice Department inquiry led by Mueller now has added flavors. The Post noted that the investigation also includes "suspicious financial activity" involving "Russian operatives." The New York Times was more specific in its account, saying that Mueller is looking at whether Trump associates laundered financial payoffs from Russian officials by channeling them through offshore accounts.

    Trump has repeatedly labeled Comey's and Mueller's investigations "witch hunts," and his lawyers have said that the last decade of his tax returns (which the president has declined to release) would show that he had no income or loans from Russian sources. In May, Trump told NBC that he has no property or investments in Russia. "I am not involved in Russia," he said.

    But that doesn't address national security and other problems that might arise for the president if Russia is involved in Trump, either through potentially compromising U.S. business relationships or through funds that flowed into his wallet years ago. In that context, a troubling history of Trump's dealings with Russians exists outside of Russia: in a dormant real-estate development firm, the Bayrock Group, which once operated just two floors beneath the president's own office in Trump Tower.

    Bayrock partnered with the future president and his two eldest children, Donald Jr. and Ivanka, on a series of real-estate deals between 2002 and about 2011, the most prominent being the troubled Trump Soho hotel and condominium in Manhattan...
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