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Thread: Whoopi Wants Song of the South Brought Back

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    Jan 2012

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    Quote Originally Posted by cpicturetaker12 View Post
    I'll be damned if this rings any bells for me. None.
    Maybe this will ring a bell:

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    Oct 2013

    Quote Originally Posted by TNVolunteer73 View Post
    one problem with your thinking, if you forget the errors of history you are doomed to repeat them.

    I NEVER EVER EVER want slavery to be forgotten or the Horrors of it.
    I think it should be formally taught as there is no need to bury it but where children's movies are concerned, re-releasing it in theaters is traumatic for some younger children or worse yet, accepted by some young minds. Adults over-think things and forget we are talking about impressionable young children without knowing how they will process it.

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