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Special counsel Robert Mueller's finances go public

He gave up a law firm partnership where he made almost $3.5 million since the beginning of 2016 by taking on the role of special counsel.

08/08/2017 07:17 PM EDT
Updated08/08/2017 10:40 PM EDT

When special counsel Robert Mueller took his new job in May, he gave up a law firm partnership in which he had made almost $3.5 million since the beginning of 2016, according to a financial disclosure released by the Justice Department on Tuesday.

Mueller's client list from his former firm, WilmerHale, reads like a who's who of America's most prominent businesses, including Facebook, Apple, Intel, Sony Pictures, Booz Allen Hamilton and the National Football League.

Mueller was also on the paid-speaking circuit in recent years, addressing businesses like Goldman Sachs, charities and lecture series, as well as lobbying groups like the Nuclear Energy Institute and the Insurance Information Institute.

Mueller's speaking engagements brought him about $241,000 since the beginning of 2016, the report says. His most lucrative speech during that period was to the Mexican bank Banamex for $52,000.

Mueller, a former FBI director, was named in May as a special counsel to investigate potential collusion between President Donald Trump's campaign and Russian officials or agents.
Among Mueller's tasks may be to examine whether Trump administration officials intentionally concealed foreign financial ties that should have been reported on the same financial disclosure form Mueller completed.

Mueller's disclosure lists assets belonging to him and his spouse valued at a total of between $4.2 million and $15.2 million. The figures aren't precise because the form reports ranges of values, not specific amounts. In addition, some assets like residences and federal government retirement funds do not need to be reported....

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