Uh Oh! I smell a deep investigation to ensue by both Democrats and Republicans to get to the bottom of this important matter!


Trump lawyer Michael Cohen sent email to the Kremlin asking for help with Trump's business
By Mark Sumner


"Emails involving Trumpís lawyer, Michael Cohen, and Trumpís agent, Felix Sater, generated a series of revelations on Monday. First came news that Trump had sent convicted fraudster Sater to Moscow for a supposed real estate deal not just in 2007, as had been previously reported, but in 2015 and 2016, during the presidential campaign. This was followed by content from an email in which Sater announced he would work with Vladimir Putinís team so that ďOur boy can become president of the United States.Ē
"A new email reported by The Washington Post is a direct email from Michael Cohen to one of Vladimir Putinís top aides, Dmitry Peskov."