Why is this not surprising to see Republicans wanting for Americans to not have any health insurance or to know what they are to do or when to enroll in Obamacare? What can be more blatantly obvious than what they are doing now with making those egregious CUTS to Obamacare advertising.

Since Trump and Republicans can't get it together on their own healthcare plan and haven't been able to do so for so long a time they are now in Attack Mode on President Obama's healthcare plan that has worked for so many millions of Americans and whom Americans want augmented and not eliminated.

So when you find yourself with no health insurance and having to reach deep down into your own pockets having to spend your own hard-earned money for your medical care and that of your loved ones....

Just Blame Trump and the Republicans!


Trump administration plans on making 90 percent cut to Obamacare ad budget - ABC News
By Meridith McGraw

“The cuts undervalue the work that Navigators do -- we don’t just help people enroll, we help them stay healthy, keep their insurance, we make sure doctors and medications are covered. A lot of times we spend days or weeks helping them navigate glitches in the system.”
“Trump Admin is deliberately sabotaging our healthcare system. When number of insured drops & costs rise, American ppl will know who to blame,” wrote Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-New York, on Twitter."
"Sen. Chris Coons, D-Delaware, echoed concerns that this is a way to get less people enrolled. “Plain and simple: this is the Trump Administration working to ensure that *fewer* people get health insurance,” he wrote on Twitter."