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Thread: Va.s first openly transgender elected official

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    Jul 2017

    Quote Originally Posted by John T Ford View Post
    The problem is they can not run on the issues as you just pointed out.

    That is why you received the knee jerk angry emotional response.
    Do you accept transgendered people too, as Spookycolt suggested?
    I'm fucking doubting it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spookycolt View Post
    You can be against gay marriage and not be against homosexuality.

    You can be against bathroom bills and not be against transgenders.
    No you can't. Opposing same sex marriage specifically reduces homosexuals to a lesser status than other citizens. It is an attempt to deny them the same rights, privileges, and status of other citizens. To claim that doesn't act against homosexuals is either dishonest in the extreme, or criminally clueless.

    Same with the bathroom bills. They specifically are an attempt to place transexuals in a position where they will be humiliated, bullied, and possibly attacked. You can pretend that you do not know that this would happen when a transgender enters a bathroom contrary to their sexuality, but doing so, again, makes you either diabolically dishonest, or criminally clueless.

    So, if you are honestly not opposed to homosexuals, and transexuals, then you are criminally clueless. And the thing is, I have read your posts. You are not this stupid, and clueless. Which means that you are being intentionally disingenuous about your positions, and motives.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HayJenn View Post
    Epic burn...but in a graceful way

    When asked about Bob Marshall, Danica Roem said “I don't attack my constituents. Bob is my constituent now.

    Marshall had held that seat for 26 years.
    I missed this post, and didn't hear about the exchange until it was mentioned on the recent episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. That is absolute class, on a level rarely seen in modern politics:

    After Roem's victory and when asked about her opponent, Robert G. Marshall, who proudly referred to himself as Virginia's "chief homophobe," Roem said, "I don't attack my constituents. Bob is my constituent now."
    Clearly, the reporter was hoping for a "twist-the-knife" quote, but her response was worthy of applause.
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