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Thread: Former Canada, U.S. women's hockey captains welcome baby

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    Former Canada, U.S. women's hockey captains welcome baby

    Caroline Ouellette and Julie Chu, the former captains of the Canadian and U.S. women's hockey teams, respectively, welcomed their first child on Nov. 5. Ouellette posted a picture of the pair, along with daughter Liv Chu-Ouellette, on Instagram on Monday.

    "I feel truly blessed to experience this incredible adventure with my love and best friend Julie," Ouellette wrote, adding that she was pregnant with Liv when she and Chu won the Clarkson Cup in March as members of the Canadian Women's Hockey League's Montreal Canadiennes.

    "We have already been blessed with so many things in our life: amazing friends and family, love, representing our countries, and doing things we are passionate about each day," Chu wrote in a companion Instagram post on Monday. "We couldn't have felt luckier, until we were blessed with the most incredible gift so far."

    Ouellette captained Team Canada to gold at the 2014 Sochi Olympics and also owns gold medals from the three previous Winter Games. Chu, who wore the 'C' from 2011-13, is a four-time Olympic medallist with the Americans, earning three silvers (2002, 2010, 2014) and one bronze (2006).

    Chu is not on the active roster for the Canadiennes due to her commitments as head coach at Montreal's Concordia University, while Ouellette is "on leave for the next few months," the team tweeted in October.

    The announcement from the former competitors turned parents generated a flurry of congratulations on social media.

    However, one question remains: do you send Liv a Maple Leaf onesie or a star-spangled one?
    Former Canada, U.S. women's hockey captains welcome baby

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    So the baby’s name is Chu-Ouellette? Not Ouellette-Chu?

    Enough with the “America First” already. Yeeesh.

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    It’s a good thing they appear to be living in Canada. If Moore gets elected he might go after them if they lived in the States and claim they are unfit parents. That turd, Moore, tried to take a child away from a same sex couple while he was a Judge in Alabama. Moore is on record saying sex with your same gender should be illegal. It’s obvious though that he’s fine with hetro sex between a child and an adult.

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