No surprise. Bezos leaves the POST alone. Rupert Murdoch DOES NOT!

Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal pulled editorial detailing Trump’s mob ties: report

20 DEC 2017 AT 18:26 ET

Rupert Murdoch, chairman and CEO of News Corporation (World Economic Forum/Flickr)


Billionaire right-wing media mogul Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal delayed and then killed an editorial revealing Donald Trump’s mob ties, Esquire reported.

WSJ editor Paul Gigot, delayed an editorial by Ted Cruz supporter James Freeman until after Trump was the presumed nominee. Freeman’s article supposedly detailed ties between Trump and organized crime.The piece was never published and Freeman became a Trump supporter, writing, “America managed to survive Mr. Clinton’s two terms, so it can stand the far less vulgar Mr. Trump.”

As Vanity Fair reported that Murdoch’s American newspaper has suffered a significant brain drain due to the editorial page embarrassing the paper’s journalists.
New York magazine scribe Jonathan Chait noted “Trump’s Mafia connections are the sort of scandal that would have killed an ordinary candidacy but barely even register on the outsize scale of Trump scandals.”

“On the subject of the president’s authoritarianism and contempt for governing norms, the Journal now runs interference with the same gusto as Fox News,” Chait observed. “Its complete submission to Trump is perfectly emblematic of the choice the party has made.”...