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Thread: Breaking: Walmart closing more than 60 Sam's Club stores

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaryAnne View Post
    Exactly! The stores all have help wanted signs, but they do have help. The Retail stores I go to are sadly lacking because employees are the first thing cut.

    Kroger and Meijer are both Union,one of the main reasons I prefer them. Clean,bright, with plenty of welcoming employees.

    COSTCO pays much higher wages than Sam’s. They are building new stores. Go figure.

    I have a few things I buy at Walmart. But my main stores are the 2 Union.

    Aldis are OK for a few things,and the Dollar Tree. Luckily they are all in one area with Meijer. All new.
    Aldi opened a store a few minutes near me so I did research on them.. German company that also owns Trader Joes. Shopped there a few times, and they do have a limited but nice selection of groceries.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cpicturetaker12 View Post
    60+ NOW. Apparently, all are closing??

    COPS greeted employees in Texas as they showed up for work. COPS had to tell them their store was closed and they no longer had a job!

    According to KHOU, several Samís Club employees in Houston, Texas did not learn of the news until they showed up for work on Thursday. Business Insider reported that some employees were turned away by police officers.
    Why do you say "Apparently, all are closing??"

    Where you getting that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NightSwimmer View Post
    That amounts to a retroactive $50.00 per year pay raise. Hell, that's almost a dollar a week.

    Party Time!!!
    One less trip to the food bank for the year=at least so long as you don't have a family to feed. If you have a family you'll still have to work at Walmart and go to the food bank like before but hey you can skip the can of beans and a couple of cans of corn this time. That way the guy that got laid off from Sam's club can get a little more. This is wha trickle down must mean.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DebateDrone View Post
    No soup for you.

    NEW YORK — The Latest on Walmart's decision to boost starting salaries for U.S. workers while also closing dozens of Sam's Club stores around the country

    A Walmart official says the company is closing 63 Sam's Club stores across the country. About 10 of those stores will be repurposed into e-commerce distribution sites.

    Holy Cow... higher minimum wages does kill jobs.
    They closed 269 stores in Jan 2016. Obama's fault?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goofball View Post
    They closed 269 stores in Jan 2016. Obama's fault?


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    Quote Originally Posted by MaryAnne View Post
    No,that is not the point. You guys are doing a happy dance about Walmart raising wages.
    Who is "you guys?"

    That happened last year when they got a lot of bad publicity about employees on food stamps.
    I'm not really that fascinated by Walmart, my purpose in this thread is to remind the slower liberals on the board where their repetitive chants fail tests of reason and logic.

    You are trying to say it is because of the tax cuts.
    No I'm not, I'm merely pointing out the incessant inaccuracies being spouted by several of the board's angry liberals.

    But you completely ignore the abrupt closing of many Samís Clubs.
    No, I don't do that either. I don't dance with joy over Walmart's wages and I don't ignore Sam's Club closing. When you try to assign false arguments to people, it's called a straw man argument.

    Closed without notice. People arrived for work to find the stores closed!

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