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Thread: Hospital apologizes for dumping a patient out in the cold

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldGaffer View Post
    The fact that you think it was OK to toss her out in the cold tells me all I need to know about you.
    It's most certainly not okay. But thanks for trying to tell us Trumpcare caused this LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by bajisima View Post
    The University of Maryland Medical Center’s top executive apologized to a patient who was discharged and found on the street wearing only a thin hospital gown and socks outside its midtown facility, calling it an isolated incident.

    “We take full responsibility for this failure,” Dr. Mohan Suntha said during a Thursday afternoon news conference. The hospital did not provide “basic humanity and compassion,” he added. The hospital was thrust into the national spotlight and social media erupted with outrage after a viral video showed security guards leaving a disoriented woman from the University of Maryland Medical Center Midtown on the street, barely dressed, when the temperature was in the 30s. It’s the latest hospital across the country accused of a practice known as “patient dumping” or “hospital dumping” in which patients who are homeless, mentally ill or both are released to the streets.

    “This incident is very visual because it happened on camera,” Breidenstine said. “I am sure it happens more than we know. But it is hard to know how much because we don’t have the data.”

    University of Maryland hospital apologizes for its failure to discharged patient found on street in hospital gown - Baltimore Sun
    You should see what the for PROFIT hospitals do! As one would suspect, they do it more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OldGaffer View Post all its glory...
    Well to split hairs, my grandmother was put out on the streets with dementia simply due to a paperwork error. That was in 2007 at a place called Winchester Lodge in Alvin, Texas. They have since closed for 'undisclosed reasons' but the local word is they were sued out of business by families who had loved ones there and they were mistreated. We didn't sue and I admittedly don't know exactly why they closed, but that place was terrible and we put her in a proper care facility.

    Furthermore there has been an increase in this sort of action by care providers (as my example and the OP) as stories broke a few years ago about patients being bused out of the area, even out of the state if I remember correctly.
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    Hospitals are making a profit, even if it is to charge the government for unnecessary tests on homeless people. People on the streets won't be solved by hospitals or government unless the country wants something done about it and so far,these many decades, I haven't seen much done about it.
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