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Thread: this guy as the new sec. of veterans affairs?

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    this guy as the new sec. of veterans affairs?

    well, at least he's a veteran. Although, you wouldn't think so given his political ideology.

    From the above link............

    The liberal advocacy group VoteVets has been one of a few to weigh in publicly, saying it will oppose Perry if he is named to the job, citing comments he made in a Newsmax interview in 2015 in which he said he supports moving more veterans' care to the private sector, an aim of conservatives that is not supported by most of the major veterans service organizations or by Shulkin.
    In an interview last week, Will Fischer, VoteVets' director of government relations, said the goal of conservatives in the White House looking to oust Shulkin was to replace him with someone who, days after their confirmation, "will go about bulldozing VA facilities."
    And from Rick Perry's own mouth....
    "When you talk about healthcare and the delivery of healthcare and a Washington centric healthcare, you want to know whether or not nationalized healthcare works, go ask a veteran and they will tell you that by and large it doesn’t,"

    Ok, I will ask the veterans on this site.

    Me first - cuz, ya know, it's "my" thread.

    Here's the thing about the veterans I know. Like the military itself, I'd compare their relationship to that with a competitive sibling. We might fight with the VA. We might talk trash about it. But, it's all coming from a special place in our heart. Some veterans I know have sworn off the VA. They'll never used it again. But, most think it's the best healthcare in the US. Maybe in the world. Now, this is my own personal observation. So, there isn't any link I can provide.

    Appointing Rick Perry to lead the VA would be another in a pattern of Trump appointing people to agencies that have shown a disdain for the very agency they're being put in charge of. If it has to be a choice between the current secretary and Perry , they'd be better off leaving things as they are.
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    VA health care works just fine. The only thing that impedes it is the refusal to properly fund it. Moving it to the private sector will not help; if anything, it will get more expensive and less attainable.

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