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Thread: Two more lawyers decline to join Trump legal team

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    Two more lawyers decline to join Trump legal team

    Yes, a scant few days form Trump's tweet boasting about how many lawyers would love to join his legal team.

    Many lawyers and top law firms want to represent me in the Russia case...donít believe the Fake News narrative that it is hard to find a lawyer who wants to take this on. Fame & fortune will NEVER be turned down by a lawyer, though some are conflicted. Problem is that a new......

    And yet, there sees to be a lot of lawyers that do not want to join his legal team. Is it because the president is an out of control, egomaniacal simpleton with a pathological disregard for the truth, lacking the discipline to take legal advice, and prone to not paying his legal bills?

    Or are the lawyers in this case telling the truth and they are just too busy? Why would anyone want the headache of representing the president, this president, no matter what the profits may be?

    Two more lawyers have declined to join President Donald Trump's legal team, a Chicago-based law firm said Tuesday, the latest attorneys to turn down an invitation to represent the President amid special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.

    In a statement, Winston & Strawn said attorneys Dan Webb and Tom Buchanan "were unable to take on the representation due to business conflicts."

    "However they consider the opportunity to represent the President to be the highest honor and they sincerely regret that they cannot do so. They wish the President the best and believe he has excellent representation in Ty Cobb and Jay Sekulow," the statement continued.

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    Why would a successful criminal defense lawyer desire to take on a client that exhibits every outward appearance of being guilty?

    I mean... aside from the money.

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