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i'm sure there must be some biological basis for transexuality, just as there is for homosexuality. The bottom line, though, is that it is not possible to remake a male body into a female one, or vice versa. The pregnant man picture at the start of this thread is just bizarre.
OK, so it's bizarre. But it's also a real person having a real life experience . We may not understand it very well, but I don't see how characterizing it as such is helpful.

You're still over simplifying it. You acknowledge that there is likely a biological basis To me that means the person -on some level- must be born with elements of the gender opposite of the one that they were assigned. So it's not exactly a complete and accurate assessment to gender reassignment to say that a male is being made into a female. In addition, it is a fact that people who were assigned one gender, and gave every outward appearance being that gender, can in fact become the opposite gender and in many cases function as that gender.

You seem to be fighting with yourself over these issues. Just try to accept the fact that this is real.