Osher Krichevsky / Vkontakte

The chief rabbi of Siberia faces deportation after reportedly losing a court battle against Russian authorities in a national security case shrouded in secrecy.

Asher Krichevsky, the chief rabbi of Siberia and Omsk, appealed to the court last month after Russian authorities revoked his residence permit. The rabbi was not informed why his permit was annulled, the anti-extremism group Sova Center said.

“The nuances of the case are unknown, but a preliminary version has it that some of his actions, threatening national security and the constitutional order, served as grounds for Krichevsky’s deportation,” the Superomsk news website reported Tuesday.

According to Sova Center, the regional Interior Ministry refused to say why the rabbi faces expulsion in the closed-doors hearing, explaining only that the decision was based on secret Federal Security Services (FSB) documents.

Krichevsky successfully appealed previous efforts to deport him in 2014.
Rabbi Faces Deportation From Russia Over Security Threat

Krichevsky in court with his lawyer

He has been a respected and beloved leader to the Jews there

Gennady Fridman, a Jewish community leader in the city of Omsk, where Krichevsky was mostly based

has said that the man has single-handedly brought many Jews there back to their faith and helped fill up the synagogues again. Fridman has repeatedly come to the courts to testify in Krichevsky's defense, along with many other prominent Jews.

Krichevsky with his family

His wife Rahel, a glamorous woman who has become somewhat of a socialite in Omsk, is accused by the traffic police of numerous instances of speeding and other violations, all of which she denies. Another accusation, also decries as ludicrous by their supporters, is that their "Super Kosher" store attached to their synagogue, has been illegally selling alcohol without a license.

Nobody understands this.

Krichevsky was not a stupid guy, he knew the realities of Russia, and that he had to get on well with the government to be able to do his job, and he did so, he never said a word against the authorities in his sermons, and mingled and befriended powerful officials any chance he had.

Here, with the mayor of Omsk

Hell, he even met and praised Putin himself, with other Jewish leaders

He never done anything that would attract the attention of the security services certainly, that anyone is aware of... However, right wing sites are claiming he is an Israeli spy, and was in Russia to organize an overthrow of the government, like the Maidan revolution in Ukraine. Lots of crazy people there, God knows. Don't tell me the fucking FSB are either buying into their conspiracy theories, or going along with them to appease the extremist fuckers???