Virginia Republican Tom Garrett announces he is not running for reelection
By Mark Sumner

"Republican Representative Tom Garrett announced on Monday that he would not be not seeking reelection to Virginia’s 5th District in the fall due to problems related to alcoholism."
"Garrett had been under increasing scrutiny after a Politico article last week showcased the way in which Garrett and his wife treated his congressional staff like personal servants. A series of ex-staffers made it clear that Garrett forced then to run trivial errands and even clean up after his dog. Multiple staffers complained of Garrett’s “explosive temper” and inappropriate demands from his wife."
"A member of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, Garrett has often taken extreme positions, favoring government shutdowns and even voting against funding that covered military funerals. Garrett has also been supportive of many of Donald Trump’s worst actions. Though Garrett had a reputation for not meeting with constituents, and having one of the worst attendance records in Congress, he did find time to meet with Jason Kessler, the white nationalist organizer of the Charlottesville rally."

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Looks like it all caught up with this fellow. Better he leave Congress, imho, than continue to make life hard on those who have to work with him.