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Thread: Trump praises ‘tough guy’ Kim, downplays ‘bad things’ he’s done

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    Trump praises ‘tough guy’ Kim, downplays ‘bad things’ he’s done

    Apparently the president is on a PR campaign for Kim.

    Praising a brutal dictator? Dismissing his abysmal human rights record? Right up Trump's alley apparently.

    Indeed, I am mystified why the president would laud the virtues of such a man.

    President Trump praised North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un for being a “tough guy” Wednesday and downplayed the rogue state’s human rights abuses.

    In an interview on Fox News Channel, Trump boasted about the relationship he forged with Kim during their first meeting this week in Singapore.

    “I think we have a very good relationship. We understand each other,” Trump told FNC’s “Special Report.”

    FNC interviewer Bret Baier pressed Trump about North Korea’s dismal human rights record, pointing out that: “But he’s (Kim) done some really bad things.”

    “Yeah, but so have a lot of other people have done some really bad things, Trump answered. “I mean, I could go through a lot of nations where a lot of bad things were done.”
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    There's really no shock or surprise here. Trump had previously praised Rodrigo Duterte, the strong-man of the Philippines, and his strong-man approach for dealing with 'the drug problem' in the Philippines, which consists of just shooting or otherwise killing both drug pushers and drug users in the streets, without benefit of any due process. It does have the advantage of saving a lot of money on judges, courts, lawyers, and such. Which maybe explains the appeal to Donald Trump.
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