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Thread: What Environmentalists Do Not Want You to Know About Endange

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    What Environmentalists Do Not Want You to Know About Endange

    Did you know that if all the endangered species in the world were made safe, hurricanes would no longer hit the Gulf Coast? This is just one example of the tortured logic liberal environmentalists would like you
    to believe in regard to Humanity’s affect on the environment.

    You have to remember that liberals do not think like you and me. We live in a world we believe to be basically good, and where doing what is right an end unto itself. If we stick to our values, look out for
    ourselves, and try to help those around us along the way, the world will be a better place. Why? Because we believe in God and that we will be held accountable for whatever havoc we might cause. We should not
    destroy the environment because it is a gift from God, and marring it a grievous sin.

    However, liberals, in the absence of what we call faith and values, are forced to concoct bizarre justifications for their actions to create the same sense of urgency to do the right thing and lend intellectual
    consistency to their otherwise contradictory stands on the issues. This desire to create justifications often leads to the fudging and actual manufacture of facts. Unfortunately, it is often not the environmentalists, but regular people left paying the price for the liberals’ blind pursuit of their agenda at the expense of the truth.

    In few areas is this tendency to stretch facts and create crises where there are none as apparent than with liberal environmentalists.

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    haha, i like how that works... ( not really )

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