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Thread: Alabama Church Fires - Another One

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    Alabama Church Fires - Another One

    Boy, someone doesn't like Baptists! This is nuts!

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    I guess those salesmen, I mean preachers, are gonna have to go get a real job! ~Inky

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    Mrs Behavin
    Now that is downright crazy!

    That reminds me of what happened here about a month ago. I work at a Catholic hospital (doesnt mean Im Catholic though :lol: ) and someone in the middle of the night took spray paint and wrote a bunch of mean things about catholics all over the windows and even went to all the catholic churches in town and did the same thing.
    She did get caught though. Serves her right. :twisted:

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    They did start the whole Jesus lie. (Research Emporer Constantine)
    I'm an ex-alterboy, I never got f*cked by a preist, but they certainly tried to mindf*ck me... ~Inky

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    I'm a Catholic, but not practising. Catholics have a real habit of being very judgemental, particularly about other religions. They obviously have a very short memory - Crusades, anyone?

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    are you asking for us to go on an anit-catholic crusade? cuz that would be ... interesting

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