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Thread: NE and OR primaries Thread (D and R), also ID US House Primaries.

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    NE and OR primaries Thread (D and R), also ID US House Primaries.

    Nebraska (Politico)
    Nebraska (TPM)
    Nebraska Senatorial (R) - (TPM)
    Nebraska (SOS Website)
    Nebraska (AP)
    Nebraska (CSPAN)

    Oregon (Politico)
    Oregon (TPM)
    Oregon (SOS Website)
    Oregon (AP)
    Oregon (CSPAN)

    Idaho (SOS Website)

    The Prez primaries, both D and R, are today in Nebraska and Oregon.
    Idaho is holding primaries for the US House of Representatives.

    Note: Oregon does voting only by mail ballots.

    Apparently, the race to really watch is for the Republican nomination for Senate in Nebraska. There could be a major upset that could put this seat in play again instead of locking it up for the GOP. Wait and see. Deb Fischer may take the nomination from John Bruning.

    Since Ron Paul has indicated that he will no longer be campaigning in the last 11 contests of this primary season, it will be interesting to see what this does for his vote in Nebraska. Since Oregon does mail in voting, this shold have no effect today in OR as most of those ballots were most likely mailed in BEFORE he made his announcement.

    The Nebraska Prez primaries are considered beauty contests and have no direct effect on the selection of delegates. In Oregon, the results of today's popular vote WILL have an effect on the delegate allocation, but since both nominees appear to be crystal clear, this point is pretty moot.

    As usual, I will not be staying up to live blog the results, but will come back in a couple of days for the usual post-mortem, including a benchmark comparison to 2008.

    Others can feel free to live-blog the results if they wish....
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