1 November 2012 Last updated at 05:01 ET
Russian President Putin's work 'not affected' by injury

Vladimir Putin's spokesman has admitted that Russia's president is suffering from an injury, but denied media reports that it is affecting his work.
Dmitry Peskov said the president had "pulled a muscle", adding that it was sports-related.
Mr Peskov dismissed claims that the injury had got worse after Mr Putin's flight last month with Siberian cranes.
Mr Putin, 60, has recently postponed a series of foreign trips, and media reports suggested he had a back injury.
And in a recent TV documentary made for his birthday, the Russian leader was seen limping.
BBC News - Russian President Putin's work 'not affected' by injury

They say this is why he REALLY postponed the annual conference with the people.

Back in September he was indeed seen looking like he was in pain

But, this is that Russian machoism: he denied all of it. He shut himself away in one of his estates. None of his officials and spokespersons were allowed to openly say that the President is not well. Journalists who tried to bring it up were silenced. Putin is fine, and that's it, period. He could not and would not allow anybody to know that, at 60 years old, he has a backache, because to him it would be admitting a weakness, which is unacceptable