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Thread: The CO2 Sloubility of the Oceans..... I said this ten years ago.

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    The CO2 Sloubility of the Oceans..... I said this ten years ago.

    A Really Inconvenient Truth: Global Warming is Not Real

    The above article highlights a well known scientific fact about Carbon Dioxide and water chemistry.

    It does this by pointing to the Sun as the primary temperature controller for our atmosphere. ( you know about the sun don't you? ....for more information see here Sun - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ) I mean this is a believable argument... on and so forth....not brain surgery folks ...not brain surgery!!

    Now having worked with Industrial boilers for a long, long time....I already knew from day one of this debate that warm water drives out CO2 and that as Water cools off the CO2 present in the ambient air dissovles back into the body of the Water that it is in contact with. This is why condensate is rich in carbonic acid in fact and needs to be neutralized to protect the condensate piping from acid erosion.

    Now consider this...

    The Solar cycle has warmed the earth a bit and with it the sea water...we know this by watching the Ice caps. As the Temperature of the water rose a bit...the water in the oceans did what water always does when it warms up....releases massive amounts of co2 that is more or less permanently stored in the ocean water.
    This could easily account for the atmospheric change in CO2 densities.

    Now if Nasa is correct the next solar cycle will be cooler and the CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere will go back to where they came from in the first place.......and that would predominantly be.....not smokestacks, not exhaust pipes and not cow farts...but the single, largest generator of CO2 on the planet.... The oceans.

    Bad news for Al Gore and company...

    The greenies are going crazy now trying to get this all going before they are proved to be WRONG by a climate that refuses to do as it is told! I think the NSA should start spying on the climate to find out if it is Republican annnnnd IF IT IS! I think the IRS should then tax that goddamned climate into the ground!
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