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Thread: It's shameful and appalling what some here are saying about Nelson Mandela!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cotton2226 View Post
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    Nelson believed that people who hate can love... obviously he never visited PH.
    If you don't like the membership here newbie, run along.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iolo View Post
    You pay to murder the children of the people whose country it is - whose ancestors have always lived there - and support Nazis who learned nothing from Hitler except to be the Master Race. The Nazis have no right to a square inch of Palestine, and the United Nations had no more right to give it away than to give away your own house, if you have one. You may push your children out to be shot because you are a racist robot - other people don't. How the hell did you escape from Nuremburg, racist?
    Please understand because I am going to say this just once.

    Israel is there now for whatever reason there is. Most of the people there today had absolute no choice about where they were shipped off to because they were not even born. Their situation is little different than that of the American Indian. Now both groups of people, the Jewish Israelis and the Muslim Palestinians face a difficult situation. One options is to murder ever last Jewish man woman and child by driving them into the sea as demanded by Iran. Any attempt to do that will end in the complete annihilation of Palestine, Syria and probably a few other neighboring nations. Israel has a few Nuclear war heads. Fine, there is your Palestine, a glowing useless radioactive wasteland.

    What we have happening is this. Israel does not randomly go out and kill anyone. They don't normally respond to attacks against their political, military and police personnel. This is all available to you by going to a good library and reading neutral press such as the BBC or German Press. You have to read many articles, not just one. What Israel does is respond to attacks against their civilian population - brutally. What does that mean? Palestine launches a rocket that kills a family? Israel destroys a neighborhood. Launch Anti Armor missiles at school buses filled with children? Blow up a cafe filled with people going off to work? Israel responds by rolling in the tanks. Then what do they do? Israel pulls back to their original lines, they stop attacking. what is the lesson? You kill 1 Israeli citizen, they will kill 100 of yours. As a father, that sounds reasonable to me. No attacks by Palestine, no counter attacks by Israel.

    I am not a big fan of Israel for a number of reasons - just pointing out verifiable historic fact.

    Here is an alternative... Learn from America's MLK. Put down the fucking guns and bombs swear to a peaceful coexistence with Israel. Instead of killing jews because they are not Muslim - kill Saudi and Iranian terrorist. If half the energy Palestine used in racial hate were applied to developing the Palestinian economy, building an infrastructure and reaching out to the world for assistance, Palestine would be rocking.

    As for Palestinians using their children as meat shields. I hate to inform you but Islamic nations kill off more of their own people in racial and political violence than anyone else. This is per Amnesty International and the United Nations. This is also verifiable. Saddam Hussein wiped out many thousands of Muslim people - including children in his genocide of Shiite Muslims. Sort of undermines your "128" kids killed by Israel when Muslims are butchering each other faster than any other group.

    | Stop Palestinian Child Abuse by Fatah and Hamas!

    You're insane, uneducated and ignorant comments on Nazism are, well I really don't think I should use the words that best describe it here. Your attitude based on ignorance is the same attitude that is getting people killed world-wide in acts of terrorism. I'll tell ya again, put down the guns and bombs - the west can out produce you. Leave off the violence as "violence only begets violence."

    And with that I will not bother responding further unless what you have to say doesn't justify murdering anyone in the dumbass name of religion.

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