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Thread: The Social Media Unemployment Line

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    Quote Originally Posted by NeoVsMatrix View Post
    So if you're caught online eating fast food, i can fire you, or legally NOT hire you because of your filthy habit ?
    You should be able to decide for yourself to buy someone else's labor for any reason or reasons you wish. If you personally don't like the look of my face, or my wristwatch, or the way I dress, or the sound of my voice, you should be free to not hire me.

    So there are no more equal opportunity,
    There isn't equal opportunity. It's not possible to force it into existence. Equality is a mythical yearning. All we can do is promote a culture that isn't particularly nice to those that base their reasons for discriminating against people on stupid superficial characteristics like skin shade or their genitals or whatever. We can't force "equal opportunity" by grouping people according to their superficial characteristics and then lowering or raising the bar for them, or by litigating every hiring and purchasing decision based on the often impossible-to-prove accusation that the buyer is discriminating.

    everything you do as a life choice in your spare time becomes a reason for discrimination,
    Everything in life is a possible source of discrimination, and every decision is discriminatory. You'll never escape it.
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