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Thread: 4Q productivity gain a tepid 1.3%

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    Inflation at the U.S. wholesale level posted the biggest increase in January since 2012, propelled by rising gasoline prices.
    More to come, I'm sure.

    PPI shows biggest gain in wholesale inflation since 2012 - MarketWatch

    America’s Biggest Creditors Dump Treasuries in Warning to Trump

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    Quote Originally Posted by sec View Post
    "Climate Change" was raised.

    Perhaps I do not understand what Democrat voters mean when they say "Climate Change"

    Do you mean what has been happening long before man ever walked this planet or do you mean the special interest backed groups who suggest that taxing people will stop what has occured for millions of years?

    Please elaborate what you mean when you say, "Climate Change"? Also, what ever happened to "Anthropomorphic Global Warming"?
    (1) It is anthropoGENIC climate change, not anthropoMORPHIC climate change. Sheesh.

    (2) You asked a perfectly idiotic and irrelevant question: The issue is will the eradication of man from the face of the earth stop the climate from continuing to change or will it all of a sudden remain locked? It is an idiotic question because that is NOT the issue. The ISSUE is: Will human societies be able to adapt to very rapid climate change? The ECONOMIC costs of doing so will be an ENORMOUS burden on our descendants (and perhaps on ourselves, given the accelerating pace of climate change); and the stresses on human societies may be so immense that they could lead to World War III.

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