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Thread: Zuckerbergh to Harvard Grads: Make Your New Deal Happen

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    Quote Originally Posted by Macduff View Post
    Maybe Zuckerberg should have just told them they should steal their ideas from the best and leave it at that.
    Careful about coming across as though you're anti-competitive. Karl Benz gets credit for inventing the automobile. Does history regard him as "the best" or even as the pioneer?

    "The best" wouldn't have been so easily upended by Zuckerberg's version. "The best" would have continued to be "the best" and we would all be on their website to this day if they were "the best." Being technically "first" doesn't necessarily mean "the best."

    Industries in their infancy shouldn't award patents and copyrights of entire concepts to whomever takes the first step. That is monopolistic. This country is about competing to provide the best goods and services ("best" being defined by what people actually want most).
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    Wow sounds like a Republican, "Don't depend on Government"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neomalthusian View Post
    Careful about coming across as though you're anti-competitive.
    This country is about competing to provide the best goods and services. I can't believe how silly that sounds. This country is about fascism, about rule by the financially fat, about wealth makes right, and fuck the little guy every time Verizon or Walmart figures out a new way to leverage their giant fat girth into yet another niche previously filled by small businesses.

    America is about the scarcely concealed reality that big companies are better and trustworthy and respectable and law abiding and the most important thing in the world and we should all kiss their fucking ass or maybe just maybe they'll move out of town and then we'll all be sorry.

    Meanwhile I paid more taxes than G fucking E last year.

    Our economic model is FASCISM, pure and simple. Where the corporations have not yet figured out a way to leverage their massive resources and muscle out the little guys, smaller businesses fill the space. But as soon as they figure out an angle, it's stomp the little guy into oblivion. It's anti-competitive, it's destroying our economic diversity and vibrance and resilience. If 3 banks have a really bad month the entire world economy would collapse. That's how stupid things are right now.

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