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Thread: Seattle's new minimum wage hasn't raised retail prices

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    Quote Originally Posted by Southern Dad View Post
    Which is better in your mind? A job that pays $10 per hour or no job? I know there are many that think that it's better to have no job because then you are eligible for more welfare programs but let's think realistically. If those auto workers had not demanded more with every UAW contract would Atlanta Assembly still be building Fords? That place was bulldozed and is now Porsche's North American Headquarters. No, they do not hire UAW. Tell me, which is better for the autoworker? A job at $20 an hour or a rate of $35 an hour but no job?
    You really think those are the only two choices? One in which a union over-played its hand and the company called its bluff, or $10 at Walmart stocking shelves and mopping floors?

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    Quote Originally Posted by splansing View Post
    If only they had paid her $1 million a year instead of $16 million, they would saved each of their members $1.00.

    You really don't understand what drives the costs. It's not profit and the insurance CEOs being rich that drives the cost. Even if you add the total cost of private and public insurance administration together, that total administrative cost makes up a small portion of the total cost of health care that is provided. In other words, it is the provider organizations that are driving the costs by way of actually providing health care to actual people.

    dumbass Americans are so stupid they bought GOP rhetoric telling them to worship rich people.
    It has nothing to do with worshiping anyone, you need to cut it out with the idiotic rhetoric and add up the numbers. We know the care provided by providers is driving the costs. Even if you gather up all the "rich people" and cap all their pay at $100,000 a year, we still have the world's most costly health care system. The bulk of the money is going to health providers and their organizations. Your meme about "the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer" does not summarize the country's problem with health care costs. We could pass single payer today, and what exactly do you think will cause our health care to instantly be in line with the rest of the world? Where do you think those savings are coming from? If you think it'll come from "the rich," you haven't done the basic math of adding up how much money is actually going toward administration of insurance and facilities. It's not nearly enough to make up the difference between the expenditure on health in the US compared to everywhere else.
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