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Thread: How Rent Spikes Are Creating Fine Dining ‘Deserts’ In New York City

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    Jun 2010

    Quote Originally Posted by Neomalthusian View Post
    There is nothing noteworthy about this prattle. The housing market in Silicon Valley changed over time in such a way that a blind, retired renter eventually became unable to afford it.

    Some people perceive this anecdote as proof of some sort of systemic injustice and demand the world be reshaped to correct it so that this anecdotal blind retiree can continue living in one of the world's most expensive housing markets at a third the cost of what other renters there are happy to pay.

    All your jargon attempts to do is create the appearance of intellectual credibility around what is basically a childish protest.
    My jargon? I'm not the one who mentioned supply and demand dear boy!

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    Nov 2014

    Quote Originally Posted by publius3 View Post
    Manhattan the median income is like 60k or something and a studio in fidi is now 3k. I'm just saying, the jobs in the suburbs pay more now with housing that is much, much cheaper. Not EVERY job pays more but cops, teachers.....all seem to get more in Nassau, Westchester, Fairfield, Bergen....
    may pay less but leaving the city you will get a HIGHER STANDARD OF LIVING, with the lower pay.
    Thanks from publius3

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    Dec 2015

    Quote Originally Posted by TNVolunteer73 View Post
    When you have a mayor that raises property taxes through the roof you get rent spikes. They don't buy rental property as a hobby, but as a source of income, Cost of doing business increases the cost of the goods and services increase.
    Mayors set property taxes in New York?
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