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Thread: Trump's mine

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldGaffer View Post
    Luckily, we have you, the most sane and bi-partisan poster on the board, to keep the whack jobs in line....Uhhuh...
    Thank you, yes you do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldGaffer View Post
    "Well known", by who? By you? So there are no 14,000 salmon fishermen on that waterway and the mine offers no chance to pollute it? Let me look a little further, you are so biased as to be bent like a pretzel and anything you say is liable to be totally made up in your mind.

    It looks like Alaskans are split on preserving the Salmon fishery or raping the mineral resources , and your governor supports the fishermen it seems. So what is dishonest about this? I understand that you would always support corporations and corporate malfeasance over individual American workers, but surely there are some corporate fishing companies in there you could support?

    Walker does not 'support' the fisherman ... he is wiling to hear everyone's concerns.

    Pebble Mine has been controversial for 30 years or more.

    Last week, developers released a new vision for the project in southwest Alaska. Now that the federal government has removed a major roadblock, Alaskans can expect a lot more action at the state level.

    When Pebble CEO Tom Collier took the podium at an industry gathering in Anchorage earlier this month, he recalled a speech he gave to the same crowd during the Obama years.

    “I gave a detailed presentation on how we were going to win this battle with EPA — how we were going to get them off our backs and be able to go into permitting,” Collier said. “And as I looked around I saw a lot of very skeptical faces at the time.”

    Fast forward to this year, and Collier’s prediction has come true.

    In 2014, the Obama administration effectively halted the project after hearing concerns that the mine could harm the Bristol Bay salmon fishery.

    The Environmental Protection Agency took the unusual step of proposing steep restrictions before the normal permitting process could begin. Pebble argues this amounted to blocking the project.

    But after a meeting with Pebble’s Collier this spring, new EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt announced a settlement allowing Pebble to move forward with
    Pebble Mine owners jumped through all the hoops set before them.

    While I'm at it

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