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Thread: Analysts warn of a slow down in the semi industry

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    Nov 2013

    None of your business

    Analysts warn of a slow down in the semi industry

    Valuations are overinflated due to mergers, etc. the next biggie of course is Western Digital acquisition of Samsung electronics division and Samsung is biting Intel's Achilles ankle, for the top spot.

    Also Fab tools sales declined for the fourth straight month:

    Remember this business does not "float" on the US economy, rather the world wide economy, we've seen interest rates increase in the UK, and at LEAST they are honest, to defray inflationary effects.

    You get told Yellen raised the rate last Friday because the "economy is strong and robust", beware, this is a market to watch.

    And if you find it declining, you won't be seeing those jobs, folks,

    And this industry has tentacles EVERYWHERE... machining, plastics, even linens....


    Me? not worried, I know how to play this market.

    Thanks from Friday13

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    Sep 2016

    My own world
    I smell growth in the Asian Pacific Market. Already shifting my portfolio to 70% foreign held funds. Oh, I should say, thanks Trump. The rest of you Trump loving Make America Great supporters, all I have to say is SUCKERS.

    Remember to sell high and buy low !!
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